NashleeAnn, RN

I took my Nclex 3 times and failed, before I was blessed with the opportunity of meeting Ms.Moe. The board of nursing required me to do a remedial course before I would be allowed to retake my nclex. I called over 10 different remedial courses and out of everyone I spoke with Ms Moe was the only person who showed concern and seemed to genuinely care about my journey of trying to pass the Nclex . After using Uworld, & Hurst review nothing worked. I did the Rophem Nursing Mrs Moe’s online/in person (via zoom calls) remedial course. In the end I purchased Rophem Question bank and practiced questions day and night. I also read her Rophem Remedial handbook from front to back a total of 7 times while completing her readiness exams and question bank questions. In the end after all the studying, and LOTS of prayers I finally passed my Nclex!!! I listened to everything Ms.Moe told me to do and from day one she always encouraged me and told me that she believed in me that I would soon have my RN license .She was right I am now officially a Registered Nurse :). Thank God and thank you soo much Ms.Moe for believing in me and being such a genuinely great, caring, teacher that treats all her students as if we are your own children. NashleeAnn, RN 🙂

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