Remedial Course

Update: COVID-19 Update 
Important Update: All Course parts (Theory & Clinical) will be Online due to changes regarding the COVID-19. Theory online and Clinical Training by Simulation. Schedules remains the same – all online. 

Nurse Remedial/Refresher Course – RN & LPN

The Rophem Nursing Remedial/Refresher course for RN and PN is open to

  • Graduate nurses who have not passed the NCLEX exam in 3 attempts.
  • Applicants who have not practiced in the past five years, and are applying for licensure by endorsement.
  • International Nurses who need to pass for the NCLEX.

Course Fees: Live Theory on Video (Zoom) + Clinical – $1750.00
Video Links will be sent to students after Registration
Course Fees: Online Theory + Live Clinical – $1480.00

Registration & Course Process – 
Step 1 – Registration form & $100.00 deposit – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Link to pay registration fee at end of reg form after submission.
Step 2 – We send you email within 24 hours. Complete Required Clinical Documents  
Step 3 – Payment: half or full. Start Theory – Live or Online (See payment Plan)
Step 4 – Send all clinical documents via email & pay balance if applicable – 2 wks before clinical
Step 5 – Start Clinical Training based on group/dates selected.
Step 6 – Complete course, Pass Exams  
Step 7 – Completion Letter sent to BON 
More Details Below

After registration & deposit, we will send you email within 24 hours with further instructions and clinical documents list.


  • Course: minimum of 80 hours of theory (Live, in person or Online) and 96 hours of clinical training – clinical sites available.
  • Goals:
    • To help you pass NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN and transition into a safe & competent nurse. 
    • To help get back safely into nursing practice for those who have not practiced in the past five years. 
  • Blended Course: Theory Content and Practice tests in Modules 1 to 11 online, 4 course exams, and final exams. 11 modules plus clinical, to be completed within 12 weeks. It is okay, if you complete the course before the time specified. Letters will go to the BON after successful completion. Online exams to determine pass or fail status, and satisfactory clinical grade. 
  • Duration: Live 4 wks plus online test & exams (times: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm each day).
  • Office Address: 3530 1st Ave North. St Petersburg FL. 33713 (Suite 201) 

Theory Options – choose one:

  1. Online Theory – After payment received, we will provide info on how to create your online account in the online classroom. After that, the online course can start. Completion date is 12 weeks or less from the start date.   
  2. Live Classes (in person, hybrid course): 4 weeks, on Wed, Thu, & Fri. Live Class blended, all exams are online. Clinical – See schedule below.  Number of students required – 6 minimum.   

Live Theory Dates:
Live Group: May 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15 (M, W, F, 6 Days Live) – Group C14 

Course Content: The course covers from Foundations, Medical Surgical, Pediatrics and Maternity. Detail contents are listed in the course syllabus. 
Book: Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX Examination (Cost: Students are to purchase the Saunders books) & Rophem Remedial Content Review Notes (Optional)

Clinical training: Divided into 2 parts
Part one: Online   |    Part two: Live, in person at clinical facilities – based on group schedule

Clinical Training Facilities already set up in St Petersburg & Clearwater.   
Clinical times: (7am to 3 or 7pm)  Here are the dates per group – choose one group

  • Grp C11 – April 8, 9, 10, 15, 16 (5 Days: WThF with online sim/case studies) ONLINE
      • Video live [All clinical docs & fee balance, are due on or before 3/25/2020)
  • Grp C13 – April 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 (5 Days: M – F with online sim/case studies) ONLINE
      • Video live [All clinical docs & fee balance, are due on or before 4/6/2020]
  • Grp C14 – May 20, 21, 22, 27, 28 (5 Days: WThF with online sim/case studies
      • [All clinical docs & fee balance, for Group C11, are due on or before 5/6/2020)
  • Grp C15June 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (5 Days: Mon to Fri with online sim/case studies)
      • [All clinical docs & fee balance, for Group C11, are due on or before 5/27/2020)
  • Grp C16 – June 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 (5 Days: Mon to Fri with online sim/case studies)
      • [All clinical docs & fee balance, for Group C11, are due on or before 6/8/2020)

Registration & Payment

  • Registration fee: $100.00 (Part of total fees). 
  • Live Theory fees: $1750.00 – 10 days in class & clinical after (Payment plan available).
  • Online theory & Clinical fees: $1480.00 (Payment plan available, contact us).
  • Payments are due 2 weeks before Live class start date ($950 is due if using payment plan, after deposit).
    Click Here to PAY $950.00 –  Theory in Live Class only 
  • Payments are due 3 business days before start date for online class – ($680 is due if using payment plan, after deposit). Students can choose their own start date for theory, then make the payment 3 days before that date. Click Here to PAY $680.00  – Theory Online 
  • If using Payment Plan – balance of $700.00 due 2 weeks before clinical training start.  
  • Theory component only: $850.00 – Online |  Live (Blended) – $950.00
  • These costs do not include books, immunizations, Polo top, background checks or liability insurance. Rophem Polo top on Navy blue scrub pant for class and clinical. 
  • Applicant can complete a short registration form and the $100 payment.
  • Then we will send registration & course documents link, and clinical requirements by email, (see clinical requirements list below). Complete the forms, mail back to us or drop off at office. Must be received latest 2 weeks before class start date.

Fees: Fees are subject to change. 
Course Fees: $1480.00 – Online   |    $1750.00 – Live
Polo shirt with Logo for class & clinical: $20.00 (25.00 for 2XL)
Liability Insurance: $30.00 
Clinical – Start clinical paperwork early. Very Important. Don’t Delay!
Clinical facilities are mandatory for all Remedial students. 
Clinical Locations already set up for all students.

  • Start Clinical documents after you have paid (half/full payment) for the Remedial Course. Drug testing info will be provided one month before clinical start date. 

  • Clinical documents are due two (2) weeks before clinical start date; these include:
    – Physical exam form 
    – Hep B
    – MMR & Varicella titers
    – Drug testing
    – TB Screening
    – Background Check
    – Professional Liability insurance-on campus
    – Driver’s License
    – Proof of health insurance (Not required)
    – AHA BLS CPR (offered by Rophem).
  • Complete list of requirements provided after complete registration. We recommend you start this process early. 

  • Online theory may continue after the completion of the clinical, (Modules & Exams) until all modules and exams are completed. Course must be completed within 12 weeks. Completion letter and board of nursing notification will be after students has met all course requirements. 

  • Payment Plan – available on the documents list, students receive link to this page after registration & deposit, if you want the payment plan, download – PAYMENT PLAN POLICY – sign, & submit to us.  

For questions, email or call 727-656-0077

To Your Success!

Rophem Nursing Education
3530 1st Ave N. #201
St Petersburg. FL 33713

Group – Clinical 
Online Simulation/Case Studies – Start after full payment made, instructions provided online, submit on first day of clinical.