Remedial Course

Nurse Remedial Course – RN & LPN

The Remedial course for RN & PN is open to

  • Graduate nurses who have not passed the NCLEX exam in 3 attempts. (need 3-time fail letter, if BON requires that you complete the Remedial course eg. FL, HI). Request for 3-time fail letter if you don’t have it, but you may start the course while you wait for the letter. Submit the letter when you receive it) 
  • Applicants who have not practiced in the past five years, and are applying for licensure by endorsement. Need to have BON letter to start course. (Endorsement applicants).
  • International Nurses who need to pass the NCLEX.
  • An applicant who has passed the examination more than five (5) years prior to application but was not issued a license.

ONLINE: Total Course Fee is $1580.00 (Reg & Payment #1: $830 | Payment #2: $750) 
Registration fee $100, already included. Registration fee is nonrefundable. 

INSTRUCTOR-LED Theory: Total Course Fee is $2050.00 (Reg & Payment #1 $1300 | Payment #2 $750) – See below

CLINICAL TRAINING at FACILITIES in FL scheduled by Groups. Clinical Dates on Registration form.

This course has been designed in accordance with Florida Rules as set forth in 64B9-3.0025 Remedial Courses for Reexamination.

Other expenses: 

  • Clinical Uniform: Navy Blue Scrubs, Background check AND
  • Any required documentation needed by the clinical facilities are the responsibility of the student and not included in the cost.

Registration & Course Process – (Scroll down to see payment links)
Step 1 – Complete registration form – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Step 2 – You get email, complete forms  
Step 3 – Create your account Rophem website
Pay for Course (theory & clinical)
Step 4 –  Start Theory & Submit all required documents
Step 5 – Start Clinical Training based on group/dates selected.
Step 6 – Complete course 
Step 7 – We send your Completion Letter to BON.
More Details Below


  • Course: 80 hours of theory (Online) and 96 hours of clinical training; clinical sites are available.
  • Goals:
    • To pass NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN and transition into a safe & competent nurse. 
    • To get back safely into nursing practice if you have not practiced in the past five years or more. 
  • Course: Theory Content in Modules 1 to 11 online
    • Dosage Calculations practice, practice exams 
    • 11 modules plus clinical.
    • Duration: 12 weeks. Students may complete course before time specified. Completion letter will go to the BON after completion.
    • Satisfactory clinical grade to complete the course.
  • Office/Campus Address: 11300 4th Street North. St Petersburg FL. 33716 (Suite 130) 

Theory Options: 

Online TheoryCourses are online at (Instructor-led one day lecture online for students who are enrolled in the Online theory. Client Need Areas, Critical thinking & application). 

Live TheoryContent review, application and critical thinking, how to answer NCLEX questions. Live course is combined with online content, blended; all practice exams are online. Instructor-Led Live Theory via Zoom, on Thursdays (5 weeks per group; currently evenings from 5pm to 8pm EST). 
Live Theory Instructor-led schedule: 

Course Content: Body S/F, Nursing Sciences (F&E, Acid Base), Medical Surgical, Pediatrics and Maternity, Priority & Delegation, Client Needs areas. Detail contents are listed in the course syllabus. 
Books: Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX Examination, 7th Edition (Cost to Student)

Clinical Training: 96 hours required

Clinical Training Facilities are located in St Petersburg & Clearwater.   
Clinical times: Here are the dates per group 

  • Group C60: April 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 2023 (Mon to Fri, start at 8 am – 6 pm EST) – CLOSED  
      • Clinical Training – @ Clinical Facilities in St Petersburg, FL
  • Clinical Groups open for Registrations: 
  • Group C61: May 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 2023 (Mon to Fri, start at 8 am – 6 pm EST) 
      • Clinical Training – @ Clinical Facilities in St Petersburg, FL
  • Group C63: June 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 2023 (Mon to Fri, start at 8 am – 6 pm EST) 
      • Clinical Training – @ Clinical Facilities in St Petersburg, FL

Registration & Payment: Rophem website

  • Registration fee is nonrefundable
  • These costs do not include books, immunizations, Uniform (Navy blue scrubs), background checks. Navy blue scrub top & pant for class and clinical. 

Clinical – Start clinical documents early. Very Important. Don’t Delay!
Clinical training at facilities are mandatory for all Remedial students. 

Clinical documents are due 10 days before clinical start date; these include:

1. Copy of Driver License or Government issued Photo ID – For identification purpose.
2. Last 4 of SSN – enter this on the Enrollment Agreement 
3. Enrollment Agreement form (online)      
4. BLS for Healthcare Providers – AHA or Red Cross
5. Board of Nursing Letter (e.g. 3 time fail letter, To obtain a letter, please send email to
6. Immunization record: MMR, Varicella, TdaP, Negative TB screen
7. Level 2 background check: ORI for fingerprinting will be provided. 
8. Complete Physical exam/health report signed by applicant’s healthcare provider (MD, PA, APRN)
Completion letter to BON will be sent after students has met all course requirements. 

For questions, email or call 727-656-0077 or 727-877-0361

To Your Success!

Rophem Nursing Education
11300 4th Street North. #130
St Petersburg. FL 33716