Remedial Course

Nurse Remedial Course – RN & LPN

The Rophem Nursing Remedial course for RN and PN is open to

  • Graduate nurses who have not passed the NCLEX exam in 3 attempts.
  • Applicants who have not practiced in the past five years, and are applying for licensure by endorsement – (will meet on campus for simulation due to COVID-19
  • International Nurses who need to pass for the NCLEX.

Course Fees:
Online Theory + Live Clinical – $1480.00

Registration & Course Process – (Scroll down to see payment links)
Step 1 – Complete registration form – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Payments – Online theory $780, Face to face theory $1280. Clinical $700. 
– Link to Online Classroom will appear after you submit the registration form. 

Step 2a- You get email, complete forms  
Step 2b – Create your account &
Register. Pay for Course (theory & clinical) at
Step 3 –  Start Theory & Submit all required documents
Step 4 – Pay balance/Clinical fees – due 10 days before clinical start date
Step 5 – Start Clinical Training based on group/dates selected.
Step 6 – Complete and pass the course 
Step 7 – We send your Completion Letter to BON. 
More Details Below

After registration & deposit, we will send you email within 24 hours with further instructions and clinical documents list. The $100 deposit is part of the total fees for the course & it’s added to theory payment. 


  • Course: minimum of 80 hours of theory (Online) and 96 hours of clinical training – clinical sites are available.
  • Goals:
    • To help you pass NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN and transition into a safe & competent nurse. 
    • To help get back safely into nursing practice if you have not practiced in the past five years or more. 
  • Blended Course: Theory Content in Modules 1 to 11 online
    • Dosage Calculations exam, 4 exam on modules, and Final exam
    • 11 modules plus clinical.
    • Duration: 12 weeks. Students may complete course before time specified. Completion letter will go to the BON after completion.
    • Satisfactory clinical grade to pass the course. 
    • Content: Body S/F, F&E, Acid Base, Medical Surgical, Pediatrics and Maternity, Priority & Delegation
  • Office/Campus Address: 11300 4th Street North. St Petersburg FL. 33716 (Suite 130) 

Theory Options:

Online Theory – Courses are online at Create your online account and register for online theory, complete registration form to select clinical group of your choice. Completion date is 12 weeks or less from the start date.

Live Theory – Face to face classroom, content review, application and critical thinking, how to answer NCLEX questions. Live course will be combined with online content, all exams are online. Classes on Thursdays from 9 am to 3 pm, for 4 weeks. 

Course Content: The course covers from Body S/F, Nursing Sciences (F&E, Acid Base), Medical Surgical, Pediatrics and Maternity, Priority & Delegation, Client Needs areas. Detail contents are listed in the course syllabus. 
Books: Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX Examination – 7th Edition (Cost: Students are to purchase the Saunders books) & Rophem Remedial Course Handbook, a Comprehensive Guide, written by the lead instructor; this book is straight to the point, easy to understand, with Critical thinking points; a proven great tool to prepare for success. Available for RN & PN. Registered and Enrolled students can order print copy at

Clinical training: Divided into 2 parts (Start theory at least 2 weeks before clinical training)
Part one: Online (Case studies)  |  Part two: Live, in person – based on group schedule below

Clinical Training Facilities are set up in St Petersburg & Clearwater.   
Clinical times: (7am to 3pm or 7am to 7pm)  Here are the dates per group 

  • Group C42: Nov 4, 5, 11, 12, 2021 (4 days. Thurs, Fri. 9:00 am EST on first day)
      • Clinical Training Part 2 (Focus: How to pass the NCLEX)

Registration & Payment

  • Registration fee: $100 (Part of total fees, nonrefundable). 
  • Online theory & Clinical fees: $1480.00 (Payment plan available, contact us).
  • Online Theory fee $680.00+$100 Reg – Pay & Start at Online Classroom
  • Students are to start Theory before clinical training. 
  • Clinical Training fee $700.00 – Pay Here Online Classroom
  • (after the clinical payment, student can complete part 1, Case Studies will open right after payment)
  • 5 theory days + online study and exams; & 5 clinical days after (Payment plan available).
  • Payments are due 2 weeks before Live class start date
  • NOTE: Create your account & Pay for the theory online at Rophem Online Classroom
  • We will send email with instructions on required clinical documents & links to download the documents. (see clinical requirements list below). Complete the forms, follow instructions for submission after registration. Must be received latest 2 weeks before class start date. 
  • To pay for the course in full – go to Rophem Online Classroom
  • These costs do not include books, immunizations, Polo top, background checks or liability insurance. Rophem Polo top on Navy blue scrub pant for class and clinical. 
  • Applicant can complete a short registration form.
  • Polo shirt with Logo for class & clinical: $20.00 (25.00 for 2XL) – available on campus. 
  • Liability Insurance: $40.00 

Clinical – Start clinical paperwork early. Very Important. Don’t Delay!
Clinical facilities are mandatory for all Remedial students. 
Clinical Locations already set up for all students.
Start Clinical documents after you have paid (half/full payment) for the Remedial Course. 

Clinical documents are due 10 days before clinical start date; these include:
Here is a list of the documents that are still required: 

1. Copy of Driver License or Government issued Photo ID – For identification purpose.
2. Last 4 of SSN – enter this on the Enrollment Agreement 
3. Enrollment Agreement form       
4. Payment plan – signed
5. Board of Nursing Letter (e.g. 3 time fail letter)
6. Physical Exam form pg 1 & 2, signed by MD, PA, or APRN
7. Immunization record: MMR, Varicella, TDaP.
8. Level 2 background check: ORI will be provided. 

Complete list of requirements provided after complete registration. We recommend you start this process early. 
Online theory may continue after the completion of the clinical, (Modules & Exams) until all modules and exams are completed. 12 weeks assigned to each students. Completion letter and board of nursing notification will be after students has met all course requirements. 
Payment Plan form included in documents list, and will be emailed to students after registration together with all other documents. 

For questions, email or call 727-289-6836

To Your Success!

Rophem Nursing Education
11300 4th Street North. #130
St Petersburg. FL 33716