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Practical Nursing

Our FLBON & CIE approved PN Program prepares students to provide safe and effective care to clients across all lifespans. Graduates of our PN program will be eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN Exam.

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Remedial Course

FLBON Approved course for graduate nurses who have failed the FL NCLEX 3+ times, or nurses who have not practiced or renewed their license in 5+ years. It consists of theory and clinical parts geared to preparing you to retake the NCLEX and be the amazing nurse you are meant to be.


An online, at-your-own-pace, comprehensive review of nursing content and skills needed to pass the NCLEX PN and RN. We give each student the personal attention needed for them to pass the NCLEX along with in-depth analysis of necessary core content.


  • Josias N RN-2

    I have taken the RN NCLEX 3 times. I failed. Board of nursing send me to remedial classes.  God oriented me to choose Rophem remedial classes to help me for my next try. I can’t believe it “I passed”. I’m officially a Registered Nurse (RN). If you’re tired of failing. Try Rophem remedial Course. You will have everything you need to pass your NCLEX

    – Josias N, RN 🙂

    Josias N, RN

  • Idowu A RN_8771I am officially a Registered Nurse ❤
    Thank God!!
    Thank Ms Mo ❤
    Thank Rophem Nursing Education 
    I met Ms Mo through a friend who passed her NCLEX-RN after taking the NCLEX Review course. at Rophem. I decided to contact Ms Mo and the rest is history. I have tried various review program but Rophem is outstanding. Ms Mo equip her students with tools they need to succeed in the exam and safely practice as a nurse. She kept reassuring me that my RN license will be mailed to me even when I doubted my self. I can confidently say I passed my exam through God and the the help of Ms Mo. If you are still in doubt, almost at the edge of giving up, chose Rophem Nursing Education, trust the process and have faith in God!
    Idowu BSN, RN ❤

    Idowu A. RN

  • Raquel BI was a repeat test taker multiple times. I passed my LPN year 2012. I tried to take the RN test again but no luck. Tried expensive review materials but nothing works. Per BON on my state, I need to do remedial class before I can sit for another exam. I found Rophem and called the number right away. The moment I talked to Ms. Mo , I felt the connection and sincerity in her voice. She assured me that after taking the class, I can gain my confidence and knowledge to sit for the test again. I have to sacrifice with time difference just to attend her zoom class. I juggle three jobs. My full time, part time and private patient. I followed Ms. Yolanda’s advice how to study well after work. Ms. Mo covers all the content and explains it in a way that was never taught in Nursing school. She teaches me how to analyze and think critically on questions. It made me understand my content in the easiest possible way. Believe me, I can hear her voice on my exam day telling me how to answer questions… she becomes an inspiration and believes in me. She said that I can pass my RN on the very first try after Remedial Course and I did! Her staff members are very professional and helpful, they answer any questions I had. In God’s Glory and Ms. Mo, I beat the NCLEX. Can’t believe I am a Registered Nurse now.
    Hallelujah Ms. Mo… more powers to Rophem🎉🎉🎉.
    Raquel L. B. RN 🙂

    Raquel B. RN