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Practical Nursing

Our FLBON & CIE approved PN Program prepares students to provide safe and effective care to clients across all lifespans. Graduates of our PN program will be eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN Exam.

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Remedial Course

FLBON Approved course for graduate nurses who have failed the FL NCLEX 3+ times, or nurses who have not practiced or renewed their license in 5+ years. It consists of theory and clinical parts geared to preparing you to retake the NCLEX and be the amazing nurse you are meant to be.


An online, at-your-own-pace, comprehensive review of nursing content and skills needed to pass the NCLEX PN and RN. We give each student the personal attention needed for them to pass the NCLEX along with in-depth analysis of necessary core content.


  • If it wasn’t for Ms. Mo and her Rophem course I would have been at square one again, trying to find a way to pass Nclex-RN. I saw the reviews on Facebook for her course and I was hesitant because I wanted something to work for me. I’ve done Hurst, UWorld, Mark k. and Remar quick facts; they provided me with information but not enough to help me pass the NCLEX-RN. I can assure everyone who is trying to pass the nclex that Rophem works! They are a family! The support and encouragement is unbelievable and trust me the course is well worth it. The 6 week plan and the NCLEX RN review is a must it gives that extra boost of confidence and critical thinking skills you need to be successful on the Nclex!
    I can’t thank her enough! ~ Nakeirra L. RN

    Nakeirra L. RN

  • I don’t have words to say how grateful I am to have met Rophem Ms Mo. I have taken the NCLEX 3times and failed and I was looking for remedial course as is required and came in contact with Rophem Nursing Education. Ms Mo and Mrs. Claire; they supported me since first day and believed in me. Rophem is the best review out there and I will strongly recommend to everyone, it will change your life forever. Ms Mo breaks everything down and makes everything easy to learn and understand, she is a great teacher, great mentor she is an ANGEL. I thank GOD everyday that guide me to her.

    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Ms Mo.

    Suzana P., RN😊
    #PassNclex #StudywithRophem

    Suzana P., RN

  • I put my picture around the center of my testimonial as a representation of the chaos of life that a lot of us experience when trying to finish nursing school or get to the NCLEX exam on the other side of passing.
    For the past three years, five letters (NCLEX) sent my emotions into a frenzy,  as my determination to pass was always tampered by one life issue after the next. I struggled most days to make it to point A and point B. I lack the mindset that there would always be chaos and it wasn’t about getting to these points but figuring out how my goals fit into the middle.
    I think that meeting Ms. Mo helped solidify what I knew I had to do.  My first call to Rophem Nursing and talking to Rophem Nursing was the push I needed to get me to where I needed to be. Thanks to Mrs Claire M and Ms Mo.

    I’m so grateful that I was able to be part of the Rophem Remedial Course and I’m thankful that I was able to receive my RN this past Wednesday in the middle of a pandemic and in the wake of Hurricane Sally.  But I did it, and I received so much help from Rophem.  – Grace W. RN

    Grace W. RN