Marcel L, RN

I have known Modupe very well. We went to school together. She was the reason I became a nurse. Taught me everything that I know. She stuck by my side and held my hands through the whole program. In my darkest days, she had encouraged me to not give up. I was so proud and never had the time to tell her how much I have appreciated what she did for me. I would never have made it without her. Please tell her when u see her on Monday! ~ Marcel L. RN.

Kay Brigino, RN

I am really beyond grateful for you!!! 5/5, 10/10 would DEFINITELY recommend! This is only the beginning of an amazing future and more further goals to achieve! ♥️💗💕 I would like to mention I am a repeat test taker and to anyone who is in doubt of themselves or anxious if they will pass the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or however many times you’ve tried to overcome this challenge, please give her review a shot. You won’t regret each day, each minute, and each second of it any bit. Thank you so much, Ms. Mo, for your amazing knowledge, tips and tricks, and most of all believing in me even if it was for a short time. Things do happen for a reason and I believe a day like today is one of those milestones that have a big reason behind it! 🙂

Brittany Adams, RN

Thanks to Ms. Mo at Rophem Nursing for giving me the complete confidence I had lost, and always being there every step of the way. For ANYONE who is going to be taking their boards, she is the one to see ❤️

Angela Cooper, RN

I’m so grateful to you and the program you put together.

Your practice questions are all I used to study for the NCLEX and I passed it the first time with the minimal amount of questions answered.

Thank you for playing a part in my success!

Martine Verne, LPN

Hello guys, Rophem Nursing Review, Ms. Mo is the real deal!! Before I even sat in her classroom, I already knew there was something special and different with the person I had on the phone and that I was going to pass my NCLEX; her words of encouragement within a 9 minute conversation changed my life for ever! Thank you for motivating me even when I wanted to give up. You have been a fantastic mentor and teacher and I hope to learn much more from you in the coming years. I can never repay you for all that you’ve done because of you my entire career path has opened up, and I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity!
Your perseverance, integrity and people-loving nature are just a few of your qualities that inspired me!! This CONTENT REVIEW course was extremely beneficial and has allowed me to become a nurse!!! Thank you God and Thank you Ms. Mo!!! I love you!!!

Kaeliani Rose, RN

Thank you so much Ms. Mo. Your help made it a lot easier. I was still nervous, but I did it. I can’t say thank you enough. THANK YOU!!!!

Ngan Thuong Vo, RN

I was very happy with the entire study plan! Rophem Nursing, Ms. Mo’s lectures allowed me to rethink NCLEX questions in an analytical but direct manner. Ms. Mo will teach you, above all else, what is the most critical information for any question and how to choose the answer that applies to the situation at hand. If I had one suggestion, it would be for students to have a solid knowledge base before you attend Rophem Reviews Ms. Mo’s lectures and do her practice tests. Ms. Mo will teach you content, as she teaches critical thinking. Good luck!

Julie Bettura, RN

This company is amazing! I have been a charge nurse and now a travel nurse all because of Rophem Nursing Education! I’m not a good test taker, but I know my stuff and the instructor is a miracle worker! I did big hospital for a year and a half as a charge nurse now I’m doing travel nursing which I love; thank you so much for all your dedication to our field and to nurses.

Nikki Maynard, LPN

nikki-maynardRophem Nursing, Ms.Mo, I want to thank you for never giving up on me.. I also want to thank you for allowing yourself to be an instrument for God.. You’ve allowed yourself to be transparent and is an epic example of what faith and determination looks like. You are truly in God’s favor and I am honored to know you.. Thank you Rophem Nursing for being obedient with fulfilling your dreams and thereby allowing others like myself the same opportunity.

Roger Hayden, RN

Roger HThe long journey is over ­ I’m finally a Registered Nurse. I passed my exam. Rophem Nursing Education was the missing link ­ I really wouldn’t be here without your help, Ms. Mo. You have a gift and I’m glad you’re using it. Thank you!!
Oh yeah, for all those who doubted me…surprise!

Maxina Akeena Maxina, RN

59879_149089728463099_5851585_nThank you Rophem Nursing, Ms.Mo for helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel and praying for me you are a blessing thank u 🙂

Ellen Roserie, LPN

Thank you Rophem Nursing, Ms. Mo for all that you did to help me to pass my Nclex test. Your knowledge of the content information, your 42 day study plan, the test bank, your words of encouragement and your prayers all had a hand in me passing my test. Rophem Nursing Education is the best!!!

Natasha Hawthorne, LPN

Natasha HThank you Rophem Nursing, Ms. Mo for all your help and prayers. I find strength in the similarities in our journeys and I’m so blessed to have such a beautiful person to have to encourage me along the way. You always tell me that if you did it so can I and I hold on to that, so thank you so much for sharing your experience and your wealth of knowledge with me.
I Love you and we will forever be connected. 🙏🏽🙌🏽😘

Roseann Brenner, LPN

I could not have achieved this without the help of you Rophem Nursing, Mrs. Mo. Not only is she a amazing teacher and supporter, but her nursing compassion shines through to her students. She has a passion for teaching and all you need is a little self belief and she will help you make your destination happen. I love you to the moon and back and see you again in my RN refresher, sooner 🙂

Anjel Jackson, LPN

To Ms. Mo, Rophem Nursing Education.
In life we are all faced with trials, tribulations, and insurmountable obstacle. People like you make those hills and infinite obstacles fade away. The gift that you shared with me will be appreciated and never forgotten. Thank you so much for the many talks and encouragement, from the bottom of my heart.

Joroene Saint Juste, RN

JoroeneTo Rophem NCLEX Review

God knows how stubborn I am and how much I disagree with the many reviews that are out there, so He perfectly trained Rophem Nursing, Ms. Mo’ so she would be able to help others. My instructor was quick to reassure me that I must do the review because 1) Ms. Mo’ is Christian, 2) I will definitely pass my board if I do all that Ms. Mo asked of me which are – to pay close attention, read the review book, and stick to the strict 42 day-plan.
So I called 727-656-0077, spoke to Ms. Mo’, registered for class, took my pretest and started the review. I loved everything about the review despite the pain of a complicated pregnancy. Rophem NCLEX Review is designed for students, like myself, who took their PN or RN NCLEX multiple times and did not succeed. I cannot say that I stuck to my 42-day-plan faithfully for I was not well, but I read the book many times from front to back, practiced NCLEX style questions using test strategies from the review. Two days before going through a major surgery, I took the board and now I am Jo, RN.

I thank God for Rophem NCLEX Review, Psalm 126, all of Ms. Mo’s prayers, 1 Peter 5:7-9, My daughter’s words of encouragement, my family/friends and especially Ms. C at SPC.

Yaima Morales, LPN

Yaima MoralesThank you very much, Ms Mo – Rophem NCLEX Review. I am so happy and thankful for having you as my teacher and your program is amazing. It helped me to prepare and get ready for my exam and my life as a nurse. Thank you for the opportunity to take it and make me a better nurse. 

Stacie Mitschke‎, LPN

I want to thank you, Ms. Mo, not only for helping me pass the NCLEX, but for teaching me in such a way that made all the things I tried to learn in school make sense to me. You helped me UNDERSTAND the processes and how to truly think like a nurse. Before your class, I was convinced that even after a year of school, I still didn’t know anything at all. But you showed me how to pull that information out, clarify it, prioritize it, and think like a nurse, not like a robot that just spits back a list of symptoms. Thank you for being who you are, accepting me for who I am, and encouraging me to be confident in myself. ♡♡

Ramonita Acevedo, LPN

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the time that you dedicated into teaching me and helping me to pass the PN NCLEX.
You’re an inspiration to the type of nurse I would like to be.

Alyson Mojzak, LPN

Thank you so much to Ms Mo And her review class! She explains everything in ways for you to understand easily! Her workbook is a great tool to have as well! I’m happy to say I passed the NCLEX the first time too. 🙂 she also always answers your calls and texts at any time of the day! She truly cares about her students and wants everyone to succeed!

Rose Boccuzzi Dahn, LPN

Rose DahnThanks Ms. Mo for all the amazing information and countless questions that I need to help me pass my boards. The class is awesome and so are you!!
Between Ms Mo and the Lord Almighty they must have had enough belief in me and with the Rophem Nclex Review it was a done deal. Thank you again with all my Heart!!! I will see you soon…
Ps… If you’re struggling take this review she will hunt you down if you aren’t doing the many many questions/rationales and she will call you and just hearing her voice will make you feel you can do it and You Can Do It!!!

Daniel Marks, LPN

Thank you so much Ms. Mo!!!! Your Nclex Review gave me the up most confidence in preparing for the boards. I feel that all your lectures, workbook studying, and practice questions all contributed to my success.
God Bless You & Rophem Nclex Review.

Debbie D. Sharma, LPN

Debbie SharmaThank you so much Ms. Mo! Thank you for all your help & having faith in all of us!  Thank you so much for everything; you’ve been great to me.
You’re an amazing woman!!

Alicia Buckner RN

AliciaIf you think you are ready to sit for the NCLEX-COME TO THIS REVIEW
If you are scared and overwhelmed about the NCLEX-COME TO THIS REVIEW
Mo will get you to your ultimate goal which is to *PASS*
I could not have done it without her!!!
I thank my heavenly father for Mo… She is the truth…
I am a Successful student of Rophem Nclex Reviews


Carlos Pinto, RN

Carlos PintoI always Thank God and you for my success in the Nursing world!

Debora Du Bois, LPN

Debora Du BoisI PASSED NCLEX!!!! IM OFFICIALLY NURSE DU BOIS…thank you so muchh Ms Mo for all your teachings. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Ms Mo We haven’t been introduced yet, but I need to say You are an excellent teacher that encourages your students to accomplish success. This is Debora’s mom and thank you for all your help.

Linet Joseph, Student Nurse

Thank u lord Jesus for bringing this special person to my life.. I wouldn’t be here without her. Am feeling blessed. Rophem Nclex Review Ma’m you made me think in a different way which opened me to the real nursing world. I didn’t even trust myself for what am learning, but you made me trust myself. Thank u for being the best teacher of my life, for being a great support and for your unconditional love. Do what you’re doing no matter what. Will miss u though, but can’t wait to attend your next class 😜.. Love u.. and lots of hugs from your baby..

Jennilyn Milligan, RN

All the glory to God…without Him I won’t be able to do it..and most importantly, thank you for guiding me every step of the way Ms. Mo…you are a blessing to every life you touch. I was able to gain the confidence that I need through your help. I love you and thank you for everything!!! Now I’m ready to burn all my review stuffs. lol 📑📓

Jamie Michele, RN

Ms. Mo, you are THE BEST!!! Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! You are an inspiration to me and many others! Your faith and hope in God for your students is truly wonderful! I’m so grateful I met you!

Tiffany Wright, LPN

I want to say thank you to Ms.Mo for the Rophem Nclex Review for helping me through with not only wisdom but prayer and words of encouragement!!!

Florancia Pierre-Fanfan, RN

I could not have done it without your help!! If people have doubts about doing your review course give them my number….lol.

Jerry Harris, RN

Jerry HThanks Mo~ for the great review, all of the positive words of encouragement and most important the silent prayers… If you’re serious about passing the NCLEX “Go see Mo~”!!!!!

Farbenzie Porter, LPN

The king had 1 more MOVE! I struggled with my nursing board exam for a while and today every single day, tears, late nights, studying was worth it! 1st of all GLORY TO GOD I’m posting this today not because I’m proud but humble, when you put your hope in the Lord You will never be put to shame! I am a living witness, how Great is My God! God did it!
2-big shout out to Rophem Nclex Review I learned soooo much from your class my heaven sent
And to all my friends and family who supported me throughout my journey that always believed me me and strengthen me when I had no strength
Don’t give up on your dreams if God did it for me he can and will do it for you Give yourself away to Jesus and watch him turn your life around and bless you abundantly

Olayinka Osagie, RN

To Rophem,
Thank God & thank you; I pass the NCLEX-RN exam on 07/17/2015.
I also truly appreciate you for being an amazing instructor. When I called you, you calmly told me everything will be alright; your words seem like a ray of light in a very very dark cave.
After the first day of class I knew I was in the right place, driving 58 miles to class did not matter. I must confess though that you pushed me beyond my limits with the reading schedule, the practice questions and those weekly tests, aaaaaarggggg! It was a lot but looking back now it was worth every minute.
Your resources all combined gave me the confidence and boldness to schedule and sit for this exam again. As I was taking the exam, I can hear all those important points you emphasized. Please continue to do what you do, the prayers, the humor, the resources, the tests, the encouragement because the combo really helps.
Another candidate added to your wall of success!! God bless.

Yahaira Rivera, LPN

Yahaira RiveraMrs. Mo @ Rophem Nclex Review you are trully a blessing and an angel sent from up above!!! you make so many dreams come true!!! miss you

Dawn Adamo, RN

Dawn AdamoI graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing in December of 2014.  I attempted the NCLEX-RN one time and was unsuccessful.  After failing on my first attempt, I was devastated and I felt defeated and I felt like a failure.  I wasn’t sure I could do it again or at all.  Then, I was introduced to Ms. Mo, a true angel sent from heaven.  I signed up for her review class and from the first class I knew I had chosen the best review class for me.  Ms. Mo has extensive knowledge and experience in the nursing field.  She guides you and will provide one-on-one teaching.  She was always available to speak with and ask questions.  She presents the information in ways that are easy to understand and retain.  She believes in each one of her students and honestly wants to see everyone succeed.  Her 42-day study plan; along with her tests; were the perfect combination for success.  On July 27, 2015, I passed the NCLEX-RN and received my license!  I am thankful and grateful for all of your help!
I pray that God continues to allow you to touch student’s lives and help others be successful.
Thank you and God Bless You!!

Alyson Mojzak, LPN

Thank you so much to Ms Mo and her review class! She explains everything in ways for you to understandeasily! Her workbook is a great tool to have as well! I’m happy to say I passed the NCLEX the first time too. 🙂 She also always answers your calls and texts at any time of the day! She truly cares about her students and wants everyone to succeed!

Alanah Terry, LPN

Ms. Mo,
Thank you to Rophem NCLEX Review. I have become the newest Nurse and I am forever grateful!  I graduated school in 2014; the NCLEX was such a struggle for me until I heard about your Review. I traveled all the way from the East Coast to the West Coast to be in your class. The 42-Day Plan, solid book information, and tons of practice questions led me to pass the NCLEX! What a journey it has been this past year but all well worth it.
You are such an inspiration to me and to every student. I will never forget you telling me, “You will pass.” So therefore I wrote, “I will pass” all over my notebook. Thank you for never giving up on me and always delivering the faith of God, for it is He who has done this.

God bless you,

Sapphire Noel, LPN

Blue-ChristmasThank you so Much !!! Mommy Mo Mo is …. I love her so much … my new bestie!!

Kim Hyter, RN

Kim-1I registered to your review class hoping to pass the NCLEX. You did not just give me Hope, you believed in me and each one of us. You gave me a whole new meaning to the word “FAITH”. After 2 failed attempts, I never stopped searching for an answer and I found you!!

From the lively class, the 42-day plan and hundreds of test questions, you equipped me with a solid tool to face the NCLEX exam for the third time. I even remember you once told me, “Kim, make me proud!” and I did. October 5, 2015 – I PASSED THE NCLEX-RN!! Thank you for being a teacher that bestowed her students with Faith and Courage.

Diana Vega, LPN

Ms. Mo I enjoyed your class, I also enjoyed our personal chat which gave me a chance to know Ms. Mo outside of classes. You are an amazing, strong, caring, and giving soul. May you have God’s favor continue to pour over you. Love you.

Adrienne Telarik, LPN

Adrienn TelarikThank you Ms. Mo for all your help and support! I’m lucky to have had you as a teacher.

Roxana R Lanes, LPN


To Rophem NCLEX Review
After being held back for a year due to my pregnancy, I decided to give it another try and take the NCLEX. But of course I needed a review; this is when I contacted Ms. Mo. She introduced me to Rophem NCLEX Reviews and I could not be more thankful of this decision.

Ms. Mo has the knowledge and the skills to take you where you want to be, she believes in you.  No one can get a passing score at the beginning of her test bank, everyone scores low but I remember Ms. Mo saying “You have to give more than 100% of yourself, and so I did. The content review and the 42-day plan tests were what made me touch the sky. These two are very very HELPFUL. I took these tests every night and one day I started seeing passing scores – that’s when I knew that I had achieved something.
I am very grateful to Rophem NCLEX Reviews, and especially Ms. Mo, for the time and dedication that she gives to every student. Everyone has goals, for you to be able to reach them you just have to keep trying-don’t give up! She said “Try one more time”, I did …… and I PASSED the NCLEX.
Thank You Ms. Mo.

Jacky Jayzy JP, RN


THANK YOU LORD…………. I did it. So do you? Please joint Rophem NCLEX review because I am glad I did. Thank you Ms. Mo for your encouragement and your prayers.

Kimberly Diamond, LPN

KIM Diamond2Thank you Ms. Mo for everything!! I dont consider what you do a job, its your assignment. Thank you for allowing God to work through you and raise up awesome nurses. Along with instilling your knowledge, your program uplifts our faith and gives us hope. Thank you for building courage, for your constant encouragement, for always being available and for your prayers. I know I made you proud!! I can’t say thank you enough. May God continue to bless your ASSIGNMENT!!! Thank you Rophem Nclex Review