Wm. Cory J., LPN

This is not just a testimonial of Rophem Nursing Education, but a declaration of my faith in God’s love and his purpose for my life!
Here is my story: for reasons only God knows I survived 3 strokes [2 in 2017 and 1 while in LPN school – 2018]. A VA Nurse saved my life and introduced me to compassionate patient care.Thanks to Fla Dept of Education Vocational Rehab;  I was sent to nursing school at Erwin Technical College (08/2017) for 21 months. The program was 18 months total, but I was dismissed at the 9th month for failing Pharm, Math. ETC gave me 6 months to regroup and I was readmitted for a second chance. June 2019, I graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.5!
After 2 failed attempts at the NCLEX on my own, a former classmate told me about “Ms. Mo” at Rophem Nursing Education. He assured me that Rophem was the key to him passing the exam.  When I signed up for her NCLEX PN review class, my self-confidence was all but destroyed!  However, I agreed to start this journey with selflessness and a total belief that God would lead me through my endeavors.
Rophem helped me to hone my resolve into titanium. On Monday 06/15/2020, I knelt in prayer and asked God to allow my will to be aligned with his and calm my spirit… then he allowed me to pass my NCLEX-PN with 95 of 130 questions.
Thank you, Rophem Nursing Education, for the part that you played, I will forever be grateful!

Wm. Cory Jeffries, LMT, LPN