Shaveta R, RN

Shaveta Rak RNHello Prof Mo and Yolanda,

So the day has finally come. I can finally say I’m on the other side. Now I can hop here and write excitingly to you how grateful I am for everything you’ve taught us. I just wanted to say thank you so much! I was in your Apr 22 course and I passed the NCLEX on my 4th attempt (that’s the 1st attempt right after your course). I made sure to read your notes. I kept reading them until I took nclex. Prof Mo I wouldn’t have made it if I did not take your course. Your voice was stuck with me all the way to my nclex day. I was pretty sure if I didn’t pass I would come back to take refresher class at Florida onsite with you. You are by far the best educator that explained the human body, function and correlations that made sense and helped me to understand not just memorizing. You made content interesting by breaking it down in a simple way.. I loved and enjoyed your course. You are simply the best Prof Modupe. I remember you said you’d know if your students have passed or not when they sit for a test and I couldn’t get enough courage to go for nclex until I put in the hard work. All I was thinking about was that I wouldn’t let you down. You’ve made me think like a nurse. I practiced all the questions that way and that’s what helped me the most. I would highly recommend your course to any student like me that is struggling to understand nursing.
I will forever be grateful to you Prof Mo and you too Yolanda, because without y’all I don’t know if I would be on the other side. Words can’t express my gratitude. Thank you so much and please keep doing what you’re doing. It changed my life!!!!
Shaveta R. RN