Roxana R L., LPN


To Rophem NCLEX Review
After being held back for a year due to my pregnancy, I decided to give it another try and take the NCLEX. But of course I needed a review; this is when I contacted Ms. Mo. She introduced me to Rophem NCLEX Reviews and I could not be more thankful of this decision.

Ms. Mo has the knowledge and the skills to take you where you want to be, she believes in you.  No one can get a passing score at the beginning of her test bank, everyone scores low but I remember Ms. Mo saying “You have to give more than 100% of yourself, and so I did. The content review and the 42-day plan tests were what made me touch the sky. These two are very very HELPFUL. I took these tests every night and one day I started seeing passing scores – that’s when I knew that I had achieved something.
I am very grateful to Rophem NCLEX Reviews, and especially Ms. Mo, for the time and dedication that she gives to every student. Everyone has goals, for you to be able to reach them you just have to keep trying-don’t give up! She said “Try one more time”, I did …… and I PASSED the NCLEX.
Thank You Ms. Mo.