Olayinka O., RN

To Rophem,
Thank God & thank you; I pass the NCLEX-RN exam on 07/17/2015.
I also truly appreciate you for being an amazing instructor. When I called you, you calmly told me everything will be alright; your words seem like a ray of light in a very very dark cave.
After the first day of class I knew I was in the right place, driving 58 miles to class did not matter. I must confess though that you pushed me beyond my limits with the reading schedule, the practice questions and those weekly tests, aaaaaarggggg! It was a lot but looking back now it was worth every minute.
Your resources all combined gave me the confidence and boldness to schedule and sit for this exam again. As I was taking the exam, I can hear all those important points you emphasized. Please continue to do what you do, the prayers, the humor, the resources, the tests, the encouragement because the combo really helps.
Another candidate added to your wall of success!! God bless.