Nakeirra L. RN

If it wasn’t for Ms. Mo and her Rophem course I would have been at square one again, trying to find a way to pass Nclex-RN. I saw the reviews on Facebook for her course and I was hesitant because I wanted something to work for me. I’ve done Hurst, UWorld, Mark k. and Remar quick facts; they provided me with information but not enough to help me pass the NCLEX-RN. I can assure everyone who is trying to pass the nclex that Rophem works! They are a family! The support and encouragement is unbelievable and trust me the course is well worth it. The 6 week plan and the NCLEX RN review is a must it gives that extra boost of confidence and critical thinking skills you need to be successful on the Nclex!
I can’t thank her enough! ~ Nakeirra L. RN