Melita L., RN

In my last semester of nursing school, one of the nurse recommended me to Rophem Nursing (Ms. Mo). When I asked that nurse how well that Rophem was, all she could say is that she was GOOOOD!! After that I knew I needed to call the Rophem Ms Mo, so I did. I told her that she will definitely be hearing from me. On March 30th 2020 I reached out to her and told her that I wanted to do the 6 week review and did everything she asked me to do. Two weeks ago, she invited me to a 2 day virtual class for me. I told her that I would be so happy to do it. After the 2nd day, I asked her if I could do the next 4 days as well, she told me yes I could. Her review was so good that I didn’t want it to end. The way she explained everything in such detail, it would be impossible not to get a question right. On May 18th I took my Nclex and after 60 questions, the computer shut down. I walked the building with my head high and so much confidence. I go home and tell my kids that we’re going to have a movie night. Today on May 19th 2020, I found out that I passed the exam with the minimum questions. If I can do it as a single mom with 3 kids and 2 jobs, then nothing is impossible. I give all my thanks to Mrs. Mo at Rophem Nursing Education. Like I said before, you are a God sent. – Melita L. RN