Jo Saint J., RN

JoroeneTo Rophem NCLEX Review

God knows how stubborn I am and how much I disagree with the many reviews that are out there, so He perfectly trained Rophem Nursing, Ms. Mo’ so she would be able to help others. My instructor was quick to reassure me that I must do the review because 1) Ms. Mo’ is Christian, 2) I will definitely pass my board if I do all that Ms. Mo asked of me which are – to pay close attention, read the review book, and stick to the strict 42 day-plan.
So I called 727-656-0077, spoke to Ms. Mo’, registered for class, took my pretest and started the review. I loved everything about the review despite the pain of a complicated pregnancy. Rophem NCLEX Review is designed for students, like myself, who took their PN or RN NCLEX multiple times and did not succeed. I cannot say that I stuck to my 42-day-plan faithfully for I was not well, but I read the book many times from front to back, practiced NCLEX style questions using test strategies from the review. Two days before going through a major surgery, I took the board and now I am Jo, RN.

I thank God for Rophem NCLEX Review, Psalm 126, all of Ms. Mo’s prayers, 1 Peter 5:7-9, My daughter’s words of encouragement, my family/friends and especially Ms. C at SPC.