Idowu A. RN

Idowu A RN_8771I am officially a Registered Nurse ❤
Thank God!!
Thank Ms Mo ❤
Thank Rophem Nursing Education 
I met Ms Mo through a friend who passed her NCLEX-RN after taking the NCLEX Review course. at Rophem. I decided to contact Ms Mo and the rest is history. I have tried various review program but Rophem is outstanding. Ms Mo equip her students with tools they need to succeed in the exam and safely practice as a nurse. She kept reassuring me that my RN license will be mailed to me even when I doubted my self. I can confidently say I passed my exam through God and the the help of Ms Mo. If you are still in doubt, almost at the edge of giving up, chose Rophem Nursing Education, trust the process and have faith in God!
Idowu BSN, RN ❤