Courtney G. RN

Courtnry Gheradini RNWithout Ms Mo and her program, I honestly don’t think I could have ever passed my RN boards! She gave me the skills to critical think! Nobody teaches students in nursing school how to dissect all these information, they teach us to memorize body systems… I needed more, I wanted more than that! Ms Mo made me believe in myself. I wanted my RN more than anything!! I relearned everything I was taught in nursing school while in this program. I knew I would be a better nurse through these new skills I had learned through this workshop at Rophem. Waking up, and seeing RN behind my name after I passed, I cried so hard!! I knew it was through the grace of God that Ms Mo was in my life to show me my light!!! Thank you!!! Please always keep doing what you do, Ms Mo!! We need more teachers and leaders like Ms Mo!! – Courtney G. RN ♥