Aleena F. RN

I graduated Nursing school in 2016, took the NCLEX-RN 3 times. Once in America, then in the Philippines and lastly in Hong Kong. As a person who has anxiety issues it was tough to calm down whenever I needed to take the exam especially when I don’t seem to understand the questions as English is not my first language. I prayed and asked God to guide me by giving me someone who will teach me the way I would understand and let me know why I kept on failing. God answered my prayers and gave me Ms.Mo. She was God sent, a brilliant down to earth woman!
Due to the coronavirus, we met on zoom and she taught me what teachers did not teach me in Nursing school. She said ” Aleena, the reason why you have so much anxiety is because when you look at the question your critical thinking level is very low”. Ever since she said that, in order for me to increase my critical thinking level I began to study the way she taught me how, by asking questions on why a particular problem is a certain way and understanding concepts instead of just answering NCLEX style questions. Her 12 week course was a life saver for me. I understood concepts and managed to implement what I learned from her videos to answer questions. If you failed 3 times and would like to pass the next time you take the NCLEX, I would highly recommend Rophem Nursing as it helped me pass.
~ Aleena Fernandez, RN 🙂