IV Therapy – 30 Hours

Rophem nursing education provides IV Certification Course, approved by the Florida Board of Nursing. This course comprises of 20 hours of online theory and 10 hours of face-to-face skills validation session. Designed for licensed nurses looking to gain knowledge or expand their skills in intravenous therapy. This course prepares participants for the initiation and/or maintenance of common intravenous therapies including 4-hours of central line education.

Want to learn how to start an IV? Are you an LPN? Improve your chances of getting a great job. Become IV Certified!

Our 30-hour Continuing Education, IV Therapy course is designed to provide licensed nurses with knowledge of IV therapy and central line care. Through interactive hands-on skill classes, students will learn proper IV insertion techniques, infection control, and central line assessment and care, among many other topics.

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a completion certificate.

IV Therapy 30-Hour: Contact us by email rophem.health@gmail.com to find out more. (Participants to bring copy of their nursing license to class).

If you are interested in this course, please call 727-656-0077 to schedule skill session. Registration Form for the IV therapy Course. Online classroom Course Link.

**This course meets the 30-hour IV Therapy Education Requirement set forth in the Florida Board of Nursing (BON) Nurse Practice Act [Chapter 64B9-12.004) for LPN’s practicing IV Therapy in the State of Florida.