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Success Mentality


Keep going…
Don’t stop and Don’t quit


Don’t Give Up!

With hope and confidence, you can achieve success.

It doesn’t matter how long ago you finished school.

Don’t give up!! #passnclex

Beauty in the Struggle

Life is full of ups and downs that will test your resilience. But take heart! The lessons you will learn from the ups and downs will only make you stronger.  The deepest pains become our greatest strength.

If you win at everything you do in life, you might be happy, but you may not have developed the strength you need to face any struggles that might come your way. The struggles of our daily life make us strong. The hardship, the pain, and the hurt of everyday life, that you go through and still did not give up; these makes you stronger each day. So, when you’re in the middle of a hardship you think you may not get out of, don’t give up, and look for the lesson in each moment. You are building up the strength for the next day!

Rophem 🙂

Be Resilient

To be strong; To be healthy; To bounce back after something bad has happened is to be resilient.

Bowed but not Broken!

I remember receiving a phone call from a woman one afternoon. She sounded so disappointed and unhappy because her dearly beloved son had failed his exam. Her son was devastated and was ready to quit. After about half an hour conversation with him, I was able to convince him that he needed to bounce back; that was not what he expected to hear from me.

So many times in life, bad things happen as you are trying to move on to your destiny. Remember, you can be resilient. Tell yourself – Okay, I have to be strong and healthy. Know that you are stronger than you think or believe.

Be Resilient.

Seasons change and that’s natural. So as you try again, and be strong, you will discover the great plans that God has in store for you.

Rise Up. Try Again. Be Resilient.


Power of Motherhood

A mother is one who bring up her children with care and affection; motherhood is sweet and powerful. The bible shows us a mother who was persistent without boundaries as she begged Jesus to heal her daughter [Matthew 15:21-28]. Being a mother has taught me to love, and to care unconditionally, to guide my children not only as their truest friend but as a mother who will continue to love and cherish them. Through happiness, sadness, anger and even grief, motherhood has taught me to never give up and never let my children suffer.

To all mothers; as we celebrate this joyous day, let us continue to love, care, and pray for our children, for no man is poor with a Godly mother. Motherhood, is an attitude, a lifestyle, not just a relation. A mother’s love is deep, sound and filled with strength enough to persist through any hardship. She is the one behind her child’s story. Mothers, please don’t give up on your child! Mother’s hold their children’s hand only for a little while, but mothers will continue to hold their children’s heart for all eternity. For motherhood is where true love begins.

Happy Mother’s Day!