Remedial Course & Clinical Checklist

Here are the Required Documents for the Remedial Course & Clinical

Checklist of Clinical Requirements: Submit ALL requirements 10 days before clinical group start date to include Background screen, Drug test, etc. 

Liability Insurance is required for clinical training: $40.00 CASH on first day of clinical. 
Liability Insurance is provided by Nursing Service Organization (NSO). NOTE: If you decide to purchase your own liability insurance, Rophem Nursing Education, LLC must be listed on the Certificate for it to be acceptable – but it is more expensive. 

Required Documents: most of the documents are sent to you via Adobe Acrobat.
Send ALL documents back in PDF format scanned; NOT Pictures please.
Only the ID card may be sent as a picture. 

  1. Copy of your driver license or government issued ID
  2. Last 4 of your SSN (Enter this on the Enrollment agreement)
  3. Submit a copy of letter from Board of Nursing – where they instruct you “to complete the Remedial Course”
  4. ROPHEM-PHYSICAL-EXAM (Download this form from your email, scan and send back via email after it is completed and signed by your healthcare provider – MD, PA, or APRN)
  5. Required immunization HEP B, MMR, Tdap, Varicella, TB Screening, Flu shot (during flu season)
    • Enter the dates you received all the vaccinations and submit a signed pdf form.  
    • Applicable Titers are acceptable
  6. Drug test result 
    Create your account, this will allow you to print or download your results. 
    Look/search for: DRUG TEST – 5 Panel Urine
  7. FDLE Background Check (instructions provided in the documents sent via adobe).
    The following documents are sent to you via Adobe
  9. Enrollment Agreement 
  10. Remedial Exams & Tests Attempts Policy  
  11. Remedial Course Time Limit Policy  
  12. Remedial Course Instructions
  13. Payment Plan Policy
  14. Clinical Instructions  
  15. VECHS Waiver-Agreement
  16. Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination Form (if you choose to decline Hep B)
  17. Acknowledgement and Release of Liability
  18. Remedial Course Completion Letter Policy
  19. Health Insurance Waiver if you do not have Health Insurance. 
    Other information
  20. Clinical Uniform: Navy Blue Scrubs top & bottom
  21. Campus Address: Rophem Nursing Education
    11300 4th Street North, Suite 130
    St Petersburg, FL. 33716.
    Campus address is not the same as clinical facility address, we will provide clinical facility address before start date. 
  22. Travel Information: Use the information in this document to guide you in making travel plans – FOR REMEDIAL CLINICAL TRAINING.

  23. Simulations
    Clinical Simulations are part of the 96 hours required by the BON for Remedial Clinical. Simulation assignments will be added for you only after you have made full payment or completed Payment #2. Your SIMS tasks are inside the Payment #2 Folder on Contact us if you have any questions. 

When you complete all assigned tasks in the Remedial Course. Completion letter will be issued when the requirements set by the BON are met. 


Trust is one of the nursing’s core values, be sure you can be trusted as you prepare for the profession