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Study Tips for the NCLEX – 2

Tip #2 – Develop a Great Study Plan

Study plans are an extremely effective way to prepare for any type of exam, the big NCLEX too. However, they can be tricky, so it’s important to be realistic, understand your routine, and organize yourself and your time. A personal study plan will not only help you to keep track of the topic you’ve studied and keep you more organized, it can also hold you accountable for your learning outcomes.

First, conduct a quick self-evaluation of your current schedule and how you manage your time. For example, what time of day you study better, day or at night? Find days when you have fewer personal commitments and you can commit to studying without distractions.

Second, you want to create a study plan that is reasonable. How much time you set aside for your studies is very important, but try not to plan for too many hours at a time with no break. Long hours, for example 4 to 5 hours without breaks can easily make your study plan feel overwhelming. Include break times in your study plan to prevent failure of the plan. Remember to schedule time for other activities within your daily life; too many days scheduled for study without time for other activities can make you feel discouraged and your study plan won’t hold up.

Lastly, stay true to your study plan. What’s the point of a study plan if you don’t follow it? A great study plan is useless if it isn’t followed, so stick to it; your study plan will work very well if you follow it consistently.

Feel like you need help in putting a study plan together? Don’t worry, we’ve made one for you! At Rophem our proven 42-Day Plan has been specially put together for NCLEX success and is available for all students to use and follow. We understand that you have other obligations and aim to create a flexible study plan to ensure that you aren’t overwhelmed as you study.

Good Luck!
Rophem Nursing 🙂