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Peace of Mind

A state of mental and emotional calmness, with no worries, fears or stress. We can get there and we can maintain this beautiful state of mind. It does not cost anything to be kind to others. It is great to be positive; try as much as possible to be positive even in a difficult situation. An opportunity to help someone is great, do it if you are there; you may be the only one they have to rely on. As a nursing instructor, I always have this talk with students, study not only for the exam, study hard for the day you will be the only one between the patient and death.

Be open as you deal with friends and family, it only helps to create peace of mind that last long.  Our body is the only one we have, so it is highly important to care for it. Consider what to eat and drink, good food prevents diseases. Be aware of what your mind is thinking about, let your mind engage in positive thoughts, no matter what; never allow bad thoughts to rule your mind and life. We all have the will power to do this.

Maybe you have some bad experiences in the past, don’t think about them too much. The present moment is more important than the past. We all make mistakes sometimes; learn from the mistakes you have made and don’t repeat them. If you are wrong in your dealings with people, young or old, don’t hesitate to apologize and ask for forgiveness; it’s not for them but it will give you peace of mind. If it is your turn to forgive, do it without grumbling.

We are all beautifully made, be grateful, and appreciate how unique you are. Enjoy your life with the people you love and have Peace of Mind.

Blessings 🙂