PN Program Tuition Info

Rophem School of Nursing PN Tuition and Fees

Tuition: $12,000 (include fees for Skills Lab Equipment, Supplies)

Registration fee: $150 (Payment link)

Other fees: Background check, Drug test, Physical exam, CPR, Technology fee, personal supplies, uniform, and textbooks – Not included in tuition.

Payment Plan

We understand that while a practical nursing program can open new doors for your career in nursing, attending and paying for school can be a hefty investment, so we have created a payment plan to help make it a more affordable and less stressful experience for you. If you can make full quarterly payments or higher amounts, you are welcome to do so. Each quarter, your payment schedule will be updated and recalculated based on how much you have paid and how much you owe.
Our payment plan breaks down the entire program fees into installments per quarter. The cost of
each quarter has been calculated based on each class you’ll be taking and accounts for any other fees.
A full breakdown will be given to you before each quarter. You’ll have about 1 month between each