Remedial Course and Clinical Documents

Here are the Required Documents for the Remedial Course & Clinical
Some of the documents are not required due to COVID-19
Download all documents with (Required) in front of them.
Enter your info & sign. Submit all documents together.
SCAN all your documents and send to this email
Submit Enrollment agreement & Exam/Tests Attempts Policy when you start theory
Submit all other documents 2 weeks before clinical start date.

*Each documents must have Your First_Last Name_Document name 

Liability Insurance – required for clinical training. Pay $30.00 here
Liability Insurance is provided by Nursing Service Organization (NSO).
(Not required due to COVID-19) 

Books are Students costs, the course payments does NOT include book.

Number 1: Copy of your driver license or government issued ID (Required)

Number 2: Submit a copy of letter from Board of Nursing – where they instruct you “to complete the Remedial Course” (e.g. 3 time fail letter) (Required)

Number 3. (Your Name) Enrollment Agreement (Required)
Submit signed Enrollment agreement on or before the DAY you start start Theory.  

Number 4. (Your Name) Remedial Exams & Tests Attempts Policy (Required)
Submit a signed copy on or before the DAY you start start Theory.  

Number 5. (Your Name) Remedial Course Time Limit Policy (Required)

Number 6. (Your Name) Remedial Course Instructions (Required)

Number 7. (Your Name) Payment Plan Policy (Required)

Number 8. Clinical Instructions (Not required due to COVID-19) 

Number 9a. (Your Name) RNE-Physical Exam Form-Pg 1 (Required)

Number 9b. (Your Name) RNE-Physical Exam Form-Pg 2 (must be signed by MD, PA, APRN) (Not required due to COVID-19) 

Number 10. (Your Name) VECHS Waiver-Agreement (Not required due to COVID-19)

Number 11. Background Check ORI Number – (this is instructions to do your finger printing) (Not required due to COVID-19)

Number 12. (Your Name) Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination Form (if you choose to decline Hep B) (Not required due to COVID-19)

Number 13. (Your Name) Acknowledgement and Release of Liability(Not required due to COVID-19)

Number 14. Drug Test Instruction  Do this within one month before clinical start date. (Must be submitted with all documents – 2 weeks before clinical) (Not required due to COVID-19)

Number 15. (Your Name) Remedial Course Completion Letter Policy (Required)
Remedial Course

Number 16. how-to-calculate-remedial-grade

Number 17. Note about You! – Complete this short questionnaire.

Number 18- Complete this Health Insurance Waiver Form if you do not have Health Insurance. (Not required due to COVID-19)


READINESS EXAM SCORES GUIDE – Refer to this before and after you complete the Readiness Exam, to see how ready you are.

NOTE: Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there are changes to required documents – only the documents listed below are required during this time.
PLEASE Do Not mail your documents to the office as previously noted –
No document picture, Scan as pdf. The email is for documents only.
You can download the Scanner app to your phone to use for this.
Send documents Upright, and include your name on the documents.
We will not open mails. Thank you for your understanding.

B. Uniform: Rophem Polo top on Navy Blue Scrubs pants (Not required due to COVID-19)
Click here to order your Polo Shirt
Clinical Female PoloClinical Male Polo

Please Pay for the course before you order Polo Shirt (half or full pay)
Uniform must be ordered latest 2 weeks before start of clinical/live class.
Order online, pick up on the first day of clinical.

Required: immunization records – Physical, HEP B, MMR, Varicella titers, TB Screening.
Others: Background Check, Professional Liability insurance-on campus, Driver’s License, SS Card, proof of health insurance, AHA BLS CPR (Rophem AHA CPR)

HIPAA & ELDER ABUSE COURSES (Not required due to COVID-19)

Rophem Nursing Education
3530 1st Ave North, Suite 201
St Petersburg, FL. 33713.

Fee Deposit and Clinical training result is good for one calendar year.